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About Us

Axis Forex Online, powered by Axis Bank, is an online portal for sending money abroad in 100 + currencies! All you have to do is a one-time registration and verification from the comfort of your own home or office and thereafter, send money abroad from anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks! You can send money abroad upto USD 25000 or its equivalent per transaction or upto USD 2,50,000 or equivalent cumulatively for a financial year through Axis Forex Online.

What’s so different about Axis Forex Online?

With Axis Forex Online you can send money abroad from the comfort of your home, you don’t need to submit documents every time you transact. All you need to do is register yourself just once and submit your relevant documents to our RM who will personally collect these at your convenience. You don’t need to visit any Branch or counter for initiating, tracking & managing your payments. Just visit Axis Forex Online and follow the simple instructions or talk to our Digital RM’s at our dedicated Support lines. Also You don’t need an account in Axis Bank for sending money abroad. Simply, transfer money (Via RTGS) from your account (any Bank) to Axis Forex Online account and initiate your payment.
Register yourself just once and send money abroad in less than a minute, it’s as simple as a domestic transfer!

What inspired Axis Forex Online?

We understand that your time is precious and we wouldn’t want you to waste it standing in long queues at counters!
We understand that you care for your money and deserve complete transparency in your transactions!
We understand that you want your money to be in safe hands and reach its destination on time!
Axis Forex Online is all the above and much more!

Want to know more?

Take a tour of our home page and let us know your first impressions about our services.

This Portal is for customers not maintaining any account with Axis Bank.

Note : Axis Bank Account holders are requested to use Axis Internet Banking for Online Outward Remittances.